A little blogging framework.

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#3 Product of the DayDecember 01, 2018

Phost is a little blogging framework that lets you write easily.

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Pavel Abdurakhimov
Pavel Abdurakhimov@unnanego · AR/VR, Junglist
Any instruction on how to install this for non-technical people?
Daniel James
Daniel JamesHunter@deleted-314815
@unnanego I'll be working on documentation soon which will have full details on how to actually install it.
Daniel James
Daniel JamesHunter@deleted-314815
Hey! Please let me know what you think of Phost so far. I released beta 3 yesterday and I'm trying to add new features (like extensions) very soon! Give it a try!?
Aaron  O'Leary
Aaron O'Leary@aaronoleary · Community @producthunt. Chef.
Congrats on the launch! Looks great!
Daniel James
Daniel JamesHunter@deleted-314815
@aaronoleary thanks Aaron, it's slowly coming together more and more.
Omer Katz
Omer Katz@omerk2511 · Frond End Developer, Jifiti
Looks great! What customization options do you have?
Daniel James
Daniel JamesHunter@deleted-314815
@omerk2511 I'll be adding more things when I think of them or others suggest, but so far you can create themes using a fairly easy API, manage users, menus and recently (yesterday) extensions (plugins, modules etc) have been added which will see more updates soon for more complex extensions.
Ozgur Ozer
Ozgur Ozer@ozgrozer · Software developer
Name and the UI remembers me the Ghost blog. I think Casper the theme would be nice 😂
Daniel James
Daniel JamesHunter@deleted-314815
@ozgrozer Haha, it's similar in approach by focusing on blogging, but Phost is a almost all PhP rather than JavaScript. Long term I think it'll share more similarities with WordPress in terms of features etc.