Keyboard that rises from a touchscreen

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I feel like this guy is in every video these days....Regardless, interesting concept.
This is a pretty neat idea to have it come from a case
@kristofertm possibly supported by Tactus?
@thomasmeagher yes it is from Tactus. Getting rid of tactile feedback was a downside of the iPhone, but ultimately worth it for the flexibility of a larger display. Now you get the best of both worlds.
@nabeel awesome! Saw Tactus in a CES video a little while ago and was waiting for something to come out!
@sandwichvideo strikes again! These guys kill it on product videos. @dan_preiss, that's the founder of Sandwich Video, Adam Lisagor, you see in all these videos. He seems like a very clever fellow. And I agree, interesting concept. I'd like to experience it.
No landscape mode?
The keyboard bit is neat in terms of the technology, but underwhelming. (we got rid of hard keys for a reason.) If we can get our hands on it and program for it, there will be some really interesting possibilities for gaming, disabilities, etc.