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Artur Kiulian
Artur Kiulian@arturkiulian · Partner at Colab
Cool idea, wondering if only european stores supported
Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson@unmgmt · Full stack CTO
@arturkiulian (I'm on the Phoodster team) -- we do cover quite a few stores in the US including Whole Foods (Nationwide), Publix (South / SouthEast US), and a number of stores in the NYC/Tri-state area.
Mikael Löwgren
Mikael Löwgren@mikaellowgren · Founder RemindMeAt
Thanks for making the app! I'll try it out tomorrow :-) I'm missing my closest store though, can I submit a missing store somewhere? Would be great if I could add what I have at home already in combination with deals to search for what to cook. Looking forward to see how this app evolves.
Aaron Gonzalez
Aaron GonzalezMaker@aarongoca
@mikaellowgren glad you liked the concept, you are totally right with a function to submit a store. Where are you located by the way? you can tweet me @aarongoca the name of the store and I'll keep you posted as soon as we add it. By the way, I'll try RemindMeAt Pal :-)
Samantha Zhang
Samantha Zhang@moyicat · Maker @, Inc.
Love the idea! This definitely makes me feel it could be something that's "done right." But the MVP is too buggy - stuck at "installing" when I first tried to install it. I don't see any stores nearby (I'm in the US), and shows nothing when I search for "Whole Foods." :'(