Make karaoke out of any song with AI powered vocal remover

Effectively removing vocals from music was never an easy business. We are changing this once and for all. PhonicMind is a first vocal remover that really works. With PhonicMind you can quickly produce high quality karaoke tracks out of any songs you like.

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Hello to everyone! My name is Simanas. I am 32 years old. I grew up and live in my beautiful country Lithuania. My life was never easy, but I was also very gifted by various possibilities and exciting things that happened to me and still happens. :) When I was at age of 12 my parents started to fight very badly and divorced when I was 18. It was the most scary and hurting time that I ever experienced in my life. In addition to that Lithuania as a country was just 10 years in to it's independence after breaking out of soviet union. So there were a lot of bad crimes going on around us, adults were depressed and all of that was going on to their children, which turned out as bad children behavior, which turned out in to the fact that 8 teachers out of 10 in school became psychopaths. We had and still have one of the highest suicide rate in the world. It was a hard time for me. It was a hard time for everyone here in Lithuania. "Sielvartas" - lithuanian word meaning sorrow and giref. Very little people know/notice even here in Lithuania, that this word is made of two words which is "soul" and the other one has two meanings that is "change" and "gates". When I was in a deep "sielvartas" I quickly discovered that I can lower my "sielvartas", not by thinking about it, but by using it as a gate or booster to do what I love to do independently on things that are going on around me as things around me was very scary. Music and computers were those two things. I just turned all of my attention from my "sielvartas" to music and computers. I got a few musical instruments that my Daddy left to me, so I learned to play music on them and sing. Daddy also bought me a computer at age of 14 and I was so excited about it. It was old and slow as snail, but I even managed to create a few songs on it and all of this was giving a light to my soul. Music and computers were that light that I was looking in to day and night through my soul gates, which allowed me to escape the darkness that I was put in to and be a light. I still believe that music it self is a language of soul. And I believe that it works the best when you are not just listening to that language, but also learn to speak it, that is sing or play. I know that music has a healing power. The more you are in it the greater effect it has. PhonicMind - is a project of my life. I decided to combine those two passions that helped me to become a better person, that helped me to withstand my "sielvartas" and turn them in to something that could contribute in to making this world a better place.
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@simanas_venckauskas What a beautiful and inspiring story, thank you for sharing. I look forward to playing with PhonicMind 🙂
@abadesi Thank you for your support. :)
@simanas_venckauskas Congratulations! Good to see Lithuania represented here. (I'm Lithuanian American) This is a great idea. The site looks good, but there are many spelling mistakes. I suggest you fix those right away. inteligence, listends, proffesional are all spelled wrong. You might want to have someone who is a native English speaker go over the site. Good luck!
@jbatutis Thank you Joe! Meaghh... yes... shoot. What a shame. Yes, looks like I need to do that asap.

I would not recommend this to a friend I am recommending this to EVERYONE it is an amazing AI project that I talk to at parties and try to tell about as many people as possible. Truly a great project and a great end product that you get. This I think could grow to an amazing way to sing with old performers that are no longer with us or sing awesome songs that do not have a instrumental version.


It is mind blowing and it actually works!


It is quite expensive and I don't see myself using it very often.

Wow! Thank you! :)
First: 4 buckz for single file... Tooooooo (not quite) expensive. Second: Is this legal?
@_selcukahmet 4 buckz is only if you buy one... It get's dramatically lower if you buy more. And we will drive pricing down if we see significant user interest in our service. This is just starting pricing. Is this legal? - We are just yet an other audio processor. So is it legal to process/change audio that you have? Yes it is. It might become illegal only if you take some peace of music, process it with some audio processor (say ours) and then use to earn something in some form without giving any credits to original author of that music peace.
Having had a music career, I've always wished something like this existed for fun cover songs (properly attributed of course) on the fly without waiting weeks for DJ's to do the same thing, but poorly. This really decentralizes that aspect of the "cover song" industry and that's awesome.
Great job !! Any android or iOS app ??
@ayush_chandra Not yet. Maybe in the future. But in other hand it works great on any phone as entire site is mobile ready.