Send disappearing voice messages to friends.

PhoneTag is a new fun messaging service and social game that enables you to instantly send disappearing voice messages with funny voice filters including autotune to friends and family.
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Hi Everybody - Really excited to launch my first product on Product Hunt. Have been a long time lurker / commenter and have learned a lot from the community. Hope some of you take the chance to try PhoneTag out and start a socially distant game of tag! With PhoneTag you can: - Send and receive disappearing voice messages (called "tags") to any of your contacts. - Record an outgoing greeting for your "machine" that friends will hear before leaving you a tag. - Apply one of nine different voice filters to your tags including an elf voice, slow-mo, autotune and more. Would love to hear any and all feedback, I built this app for fun and really just want to make it something people use and enjoy. Thanks, Evan
@evomoore This is cute...! Is it possible to export the audio to use on my Google Fi greeting?
@chrismessina Hey Chris - thanks for the feedback. There isn't a capability for that currently but that's a great idea and something I've toyed around with. (i.e. - creating a tool for crafting / producing voicemail greetings). Kind of like how VSCO is both an utility and a social network.
@evomoore how is this better/different than just sending voice memos via existing apps like iMessage or Instagram? Is it just about the aesthetics? And yes, I would like a VSCO-style version of this that allows me to export a retro-sounding answering machine message that I could upload elsewhere!
@chrismessina The aesthetics are definitely part of it - as is the focus on audio as the sole mode of communication, the ephemeral nature of the messages (think Snapchat but for voice), and the addition of voice filters (and hopefully eventually sound effects). You could have asked the question "how is Instagram any different from Facebook"? Anything you can post to Instagram you could always post to Facebook - however Instagram provided a more focused environment for sharing in the visual medium as opposed to Facebook's everything under the sun approach. I'm really liking the idea of creating a voicemail "message studio" that allows you to export / share out to other platforms. Could be a great way to create viral growth too (a la TikTok). Thanks Chris!