Protect your loved ones from phone fraud

Seniors are targeted for fraud, losing an estimated $37 billion a year. PhoneScreen protects them by providing a personal secretary who screens their unknown calls. This holiday season, have peace of mind knowing your loved ones and their assets are safe.
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A personal phone call secretary for $15 / month??? Sign me up! I'll pay a premium for a "Troll secretary" feature where the secretary leads the fraud caller down a rabbit hole of fake SSN and accounts.
Ok, this looks awesome and I think a lot of people would / should buy this... but how does it work actually? $15 / month looks pretty cheap for the amount of calls I imagine each personal secretary will need to handle... also how would he handle calls received at the same time.
@vladmihai We first check if the incoming phone number is on a blacklist with millions of known scam numbers. If the number is not on the blacklist, then our screeners, who are trained on all of the latest scams, verify the intent of the caller. If your assigned secretary is in another call, we have additional trained screeners available to take the call. Please let me know if you have any additional questions!
@vladmihai @zackk101 Zack, I've had experience where my phone number was spoofed to be used for fraud/scams. Does your system take this into account? If not how do you prevent your system from auto blocking calls that are intended to go through?
@zackk101 Yeah that makes sense. Really good idea with this product, congrats and good luck moving forward!
@vladmihai @connormasterson the blacklist we use takes into account phone number spoofing. We can also check for the common "Neighbor spoofing" where spammers spoof their number to match the first 6 digits of your phone number.
Even my dad who’s quite tech savvy has lost thousands of dollars on scams...I’m glad services like this are becoming available!
How are you managing the actual process of forwarding? Is it an app? And what about landlines – which I imagine most seniors have and probably answer regularly?
@jordankrueger Great question. For landlines, we use a feature called simultaneous ring where you can assign multiple numbers to ring when you receive a call, and whoever picks up first handles it. Most of the major providers support this, so you can set the PhoneScreen number to receive your calls as well. So when you get a call on the landline, our server checks if the incoming number is in your contacts. If it's an unknown number, we pick up the phone first, screen the call, and send it back to the senior if it is safe. For mobile phones, we use an app. We are primarily focusing on landline phones during the initial launch since that is where seniors get the most calls. (More info on simultaneous ring:
Nice! Glad to see people making products for the more senior population. Best of luck