PhonePrivacy is rebuilt and ready to improve your privacy. PhonePrivacy will reduce the pain and annoyance of having a phone while adding new joy through features like whitelists + blacklists.

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Hey all, I launched PhonePrivacy a few months ago. I got a decent amount of feedback so I re-built, polished and added features (better SMS interface, native notifications, better pricing, support for numbers from any country, support for communication to any country... just tons). One solution that PhonePrivacy is a great fit for is reducing the amount of automated / telemarketing calls. Rather than giving away your single number to everyone, you can make a specific number for throwaway uses then block or even delete the numbers later. I think of it like having a single email vs having wildcard emails. I'd love to hear your ideas and questions. :) I know one of the previous requests was an explainer video. I am sorry to disappoint again, but I could never get it right. Thankfully PhonePrivacy is pretty simple so if you want a walkthrough, I'd be happy to get on video chat to show it off.
? way too expensive !!!!