Privacy-centric Google Voice alternative

PhonePrivacy is privacy-centric Google Voice alternative which allows for multiple phone numbers as well.

I built PhonePrivacy because I was frustrated by having multiple email addresses but only one phone number. Once my phone number was out, anyone could contact me.

PhonePrivacy lets you buy numbers and use them like you would any other.

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Hi all! I built this for a need I had, I hated everyone having immediate access to break my attention for things that I may not care about. The ultimate goal of PhonePrivacy is to give back control and ownership of privacy and attention around phone calls and SMS. Currently, PhonePrivacy allows you to call (inbound and outbound) and send SMS. Future plans are described here: If you are interested but not ready to sign up, you can drop your (hopefully one-off) email address: and you'll get infrequent updates about PhonePrivacy
Awesome! Go ahead!