PhoneClean 5

Best cleaner app to free up space on iPhone & iPad fast

Wait, so this is a macOS/OS X app? That is confusing as hell to me since it doesn't mention it once on that page. Hit "Free Download" and was scratching my head for a second. If it's the case this is not a mobile app, I suggest being a bit more clear about that fact.
@growwithjason Hey Jason, sorry for the confusion caused to you. Yes, PhoneClean runs on macOS instead of iOS. We'll make it more clear on our site. Thank you for your feedback and suggestion. We do appreciate them. :)
Is this an april fools joke?
@jommi Not this one 😉
@kwdinc Thank you Kevin for hunting us!! Hey guys, this is Jocelyn from iMobie, the developer of PhoneClean. Hope I’m not too late. For any questions about this product, I’ll be more than happy to answer here, and your feedbacks will make us better. 😉 PhoneClean was initially released in 2012 as the first iOS cleaner in the world, and we feel pretty happy and honored that it has solved millions of iOS users’ storage problems. After 5-year improvement, now PhoneClean 5 has been developed as the all-in-one software to do cleanup, tune-up and privacy-protection jobs for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. This iOS cleaning software runs on both Windows and Mac. It removes useless junk files, like cashes, temp files, invalid data, leftovers, etc., to free up more iOS storage and to speed up device. It wipes your sensitive data like private messages, safari histories, call histories, cookies, etc., to protect your privacy from prying eyes. It even permanently erases your whole iOS device before you give it out for resell or repair, and renders deleted data unrecoverable, to keep you safe from identity theft or fraud. All can be done with just a few clicks. We’ll keep improving PhoneClean to make it more effortless to use and more powerful to do cleanup jobs. So any feedback from you is greatly appreciated – it does matter a lot for us. 👍 Thank you for all your precious time to read this, and we’d love to hear from you! 👏
PhoneClean is the best and even free iPhone cleaner software for all your iPhone & iPad cleaning, maintaining and privacy protecting needs. It automatically cleans up safe-to-remove junk files out of your iOS device on a daily basis to let you always have enough free space; safely clears out accumulated iOS system junks to keep your devices with lightning-fast speed and permanently erases your personal data to keep your privacy safe from prying eyes. Now with version 5, PhoneClean introduces Erase Clean to wipe and render everything in your iPhone unrecoverable before you resell it, give it away to someone else or send it for repair, protecting you from identity theft in the first place.
@kwdinc Kevin this is exactly what I need these days 🤔 Unfortunately, bought my iPhone with 16GB only so experiencing continuous issues with free space lately. Hope this one will help to solve the issues until I buy a new one. 👏
Where is the iOS download? It mentions it on the website, but the only links I see are for Windows and Mac.
@csaba_kissi @kwdinc Happy to hear from you Csaba. Hope you'll enjoy it and get better experience with your iPhone storage. 😉
@grberk Hey Glenn, sorry for the confusion caused to you. PhoneClean indeed runs on Windows and Mac instead of iPhone. We'll try to make this more clear on our site soon. Thank you for your feedback. :)
Can it find old apps that I don't use anymore?