Make phone calls from within a Slack channel

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I think that this should be integrated into Hubot as a plugin!
@philipithomas Pull requests welcome :) Code-wise it would be fairly simple to implement this...
Interesting idea! Wouldn't the other end mostly likely hang up in the time it takes the speech recognition to work and you to type a response? :)
@tommoor Speech translation lag is the main issue at the moment with Phonebot. It's a neat demo but would need a better real-time translation engine to be usable in the real world. It would also be better if Twilio exposed the real-time audio stream through their API.
Hmm, so Slack is trying to be more like Skype? All right...
@v4violetta Slack bought Screenhero right? That + call abilities would make it killer
More details and how to get it set-up here
The concept is great. Implementation seems clunky, though this could be exciting.
@nzieber I did add an option to turn off those status messages recently. Phonebot is quieter but the speech translation lag can be a bit annoying without any indication we're waiting for the translation.