Turn any Smartphone into a Laptop Computer

PhoneBook, a plug-in-and-play device that can turn ANY smartphone into a 15.6 touchscreen laptop in seconds. Starting at $149 only.
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We've seen this before with the Sentio Superbook. They just don't work. Android was never meant to be a desktop OS
That's just an upscaled phone screen. It might work for gaming, but I can't even begin to think about how frustrating an experience that would be, especially in productivity apps.
Great Product i think it is a useful solution especially for gaming :)
I've dreamt of this future for a while, and I love seeing progress made towards it. I honestly believe that using your phone as your main computer is going to be how most computing is done in the future (on the consumer level, there will of course still be need for custom stand alone rigs). Good luck with the development! I'm sure there'll be bumps & hitches along the way, but that's why these things should exist, to move us closer to a perfect product :^)
This is very useful to access and surf apps in leisure while not paining your thumb.