Find a friend who is free to talk on your commute

Cool concept - great when you live in different cities from your friends. Does everyone have to download the app?
@alicelthwaite Nope! You can choose to have the app send them a text message for you when you're free. If they're also free, they can tap on the number in the text to connect to you (or your group call)
@rohanseth @alicelthwaite That's super interesting. Think you should mention that feature more!
This sounds like a Houseparty + Unmute 2.0 mashup. Cool concept.
@rrhoover Thanks for featuring it! We're sort of targeting hands-free use cases like driving with it. So, on your morning or evening commute, you can just say something like "Siri, call a friend on Phone a friend", and we'll automatically connect you to the first available friend who is also free.
@rrhoover I like the concept.
My wife loves this app to catch up with her friends. It's less intrusive than directly calling someone. You just let all the friends you want to catch up with know that you're free for 15 minutes and whoever else happens to be free can call you.
I don't get it. How does it know if both people are free?
@dredurr It's a double opt-in. One person taps the button to multi-cast their availability to their friends in a light way. The recipients can tap the notification if they're also free, or just ignore it.