Phoenix Startup UI kit

Powerful cross-platform UI Kit (PSD & HTML5)

Phoenix Startup UI Kit is a versatile tool to kickstart a landing page. It cointans 110 ready to use HTML5 cards coming with Sketch and PSD resources. With Phoenix Startup UI Kit it's really easy and joyful to create landing pages.

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Hi everyone, I'm Dima Blover, one of the creators of Phoenix Startup. πŸš€ With Phoenix Startup you can create stunning web projects to impress your audience. The tool is terrifically easy to use by both designers 🐱 and developers 🐰 We have prepared PSD + HTML5/CSS3 versions with 340 highly customizable web components. Moreover, you will get an advanced SASS/Jade/Gulp pack for Pro users πŸ’Ž who love extremely flexible and scalable code. Phoenix Startup is the last UI kit you will ever need! ⚑️ By the way, ProductHunters, here are awesome free samples for you and a special 30% discount code β€” LOVEPRODUCTHUNT 🎁 Get it now!
@dimablover Hey guys, it looks great! I'll definitely try it soon
Wow! Thank you @anna_svirelkina If you have any questions you are welcome to ask us anything via or using the site chatbox.
This UI Kit is really a UI guide. this will create a need that UI means both design and front end code. Great work. We will need more of this kind. :)
@riser_spy thank you fellow for your support. I do think the same way. We will continue improving Phoenix Startup, so follow our work! ⛡️
Got a copy, looks nice.
Hello, @arkhandeev. Enjoy your purchase! If it's possible, please, give us your feedback πŸ’™
Many thanks to @erictwillis for hunting us!
Hi guys. Phoenix looks interesting. I’m really interested about the UI kit evolution: first it contained simple pictures (PSD+Sketch), now I see some UI kits are coming with ready to use code. That means soon UI kits will help not only designers, but a whole process: design+frontend. Wish there are more kits like this one.
Hey, @minimall thank you, we are glad that you like it. Our team thinks exactly them same way. There are lots of projects must be done right here right now. All existing UI kits allow to launch a project tonight πŸš—, Phoenix Startup can make it live in 30 minutes πŸš„
@minimall This movement you speak of is compartmentalizing the frontend game and is really extraordinary. I will say however there is no demo for the html. In addition I have seen alot of UI kits and I don't see all that much from this one that makes it any different from those on for about half the price. I think the essence of the kit is difficult to master however, so I won't be critical. When making kits you have to broaden the audience rather that pin point a direct market... its interesting. Excited to see more.
Hello @tayler2412, thanks for your thoughts. >I will say however there is no demo for the html There are both PSD and HTML/CSS (+ SCSS/Jade(Pug)/Gulp for Pros) in the free samples to play with. >I don't see all that much from this one that makes it any different from those on for about half the price. Phoenix Startup UI kit is one of the first kits coming with code. We are sure code MUST be a part of a modern UI kit: nowadays tons of sites are created everyday and the process of build simply has to be optimized as much as possible. Ready PSD are fine, but Phoenix Startup gives you all the power to start as fast as possible. No offence other UI kits creators. They do great job, we enjoy their products ourselves πŸ˜€ But we plan to push them a step ahead and follow our lead. >I think the essence of the kit is difficult to master The tool is perfect for agencies and freelancers.
@sweetiebelka I hate to poop on your party and your product does look pretty awesome, but most UI Kits being released these days come with code. I think DesignModo was one of the first with their Startup Framework (must be over two years ago), but since then there have been many others. Creative Tim has a bunch of Kits, all come coded and ready to rock. In addition, the HTML section over at Themeforest has a bunch of UI Kits (many with drag/drop builders). I would say @tayler2412 has a fair point and you might want to look to somehow differentiate yourself from similar products out there. Once again, not trying to dismiss your product here, I do truly like it look forward to giving it a try soon!