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Thing is, it takes a fair amount of time to take photos of old photos that are in boxes in your house (or wherever)... what is the draw to using this specific app rather than just creating folders in my iPhone/Mac/Google Photos/etc
@bentossell nostalgic photos can come from anywhere, boxes, photo albums, your hard drive or any type of cloud storage. It's easy to take a picture of a photo or sync it to your phone and upload it to PhoBack. The draw of PhoBack is sharing your nostalgic (funny) photos, capturing memories while reliving & reminiscing with friends & family (and the world) and then being able to revisit them in seconds. Additionally, these photos represent shared events so there is a communal element to PhoBack as we enable others to add their photos & memories to create a shared experience. This is driving feed back like " Wow I didn't even know those photos existed or I had forgotten all about that trip to Yosemite in 1998." We are helping our user recreate & reconnect to the events that made them who they are today and having a lot of fun doing it. Lastly as you add events to your profile you are creating an electronic scrap book of your entire life that you can access in seconds when you need a pick me up or you just want to post a nostalgic photo to FB or Instgram on Throwback Thursday.
Is the app available for Android devices?
@davidspeicher18 we are working on it as we speak!
Loving the questions! Also here is a 1 minute "How to PhoBack" video
Can I only share hard copy photos or can I share older photos from a hard drive or cloud service?
@brianebecker all of the above.. Simply take a picture of the hard copy photos & create and event or sync the photos you want to share from you hard drive to your phone with iTunes. You can also sync photos to your phone from most cloud services through their apps!
On What other social media apps can I share my throwback photos on #tbt?
@seanwilcox Facebook & Instagram and we are working on Twitter. What other SM apps would you want to share photos from PhoBack on #tbt?