Test your organisation's resiliency towards phishing attacks

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Phishero is a simple and low-barrier-to-entry phishing simulator. Designed for organizations of all sizes, Phishero gives you the tools to quickly deploy a phishing simulation to test your organization's resiliency to phishing attacks.

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Amrith Shanbhag
Amrith Shanbhag@amrith · Community + Social at Product Hunt
Thanks for sharing, @mipmap04 :) I'm curious as to how this works in a nutshell 🤔
Mchl Hrrsn Moore
Mchl Hrrsn MooreMaker@mipmap04 · Founder, Syndient & Impalette
@amrith Thanks for inquiring! Phishero provides users with a platform to create and run phishing campaigns against your employees to identify vulnerabilities and educate your workforce. Phishero provides a few prebuilt phishing templates, but uses editors to allow individuals to create their own phishing campaigns. You can design everything from the emails, the pages the phishing targets are sent to, what the users are asked to download, etc. Once you've designed your campaign, you can specify a time frame for which you'd like to send the fake phishing emails and it will deliver them to your employees at some point during that time frame. As your campaign runs, detailed statistics are captured about every event your employees make in Phishero. This data can be viewed online in Phishero or exported into Excel for further analysis / integration with other systems. It's pretty feature packed I think for an early release, so if you have any questions about specific functionality or require clarification, let me know and I'll do my best to fill you. I created Phishero after trying to get pricing from one of the larger competitors in this space. Most were at minimum north of $10k to start and required getting their tech / implementation teams involved. I wanted a cheap and self-service tool that was easy to get running, so I built this. Thanks.
Seems a good project Thanks for bring it here