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There are SO many options of apps/bots/sites to 'help' decide what to eat. We all know that struggle, but now it seems like we will have the same problem when deciding what app/bot/site to use to help us with our initial decision! What sets PHIND above the rest?
@bentossell Great question and I completely understand your concern! What sets PHIND apart is that we provide real time data about places. We currently live in a world where everything is based around real-time - whether it is with Snapchat Stories, Twitter Moments, or Facebook Live, we saw a fundamental problem with what's happening at places around you in real-time. There are many apps that tell you where to go and what to do, however, you can end up at one of most recommended spots in a city and when you get there, the music might not be what you were hoping for or the line might be really long. With PHIND, we tell you. Our new Reports and Trending feature enables users to get an instant pulse of their city so they know what's happening where, in real time. Think of it as the 'Waze for places.' PHIND allows users to report about anything from Wait Time to the Crowd, at any place, real-time. As more users report, PHIND's patent-pending technology automatically determines the trendiest spots, enabling places to trend when people are reporting and automatically stop trending as a place dies down. Also, as you mentioned that there are so many apps that help you decide what to eat, tips on where to go, etc., but we bring in information from a number of apps like Yelp, Foursquare, OpenTable, Uber, and Wikipedia, so you don’t have to jump from app to app to find what you’re looking for. We don’t want to be just another app on someone’s phone. We’re out to eliminate the confusion and friction when it comes to search and discovery for places so we can simplify a user’s experience. Now, you have one tool that can tell you where to go and what to do!
@rishijjw it is not available in the Mauritian App store (country: Mauritius)
There have been a few major changes to the app since the last time it was hunted . The app has been completely redesigned from the ground up with deeper integrations with Yelp, Foursquare and Wikipedia. Additionally you can now book and Uber and also make reservations from OpenTable within PHIND. The new contextual category results feature displays the top places around a user based on the time of day and day of the week. This way users aren’t seeing random places like nightlife spots around them when it’s 12pm. Instead PHIND shows top lunch spots between 12pm and 3pm on a weekday compared to on Saturday and Sunday it would show brunch places from 11am to 3pm. Lastly, PHIND has shifted focus to real time data about places. Similar to Waze for traffic, PHIND now enables users to get an instant pulse of their city to see which places are trending in real time based on other PHIND user reports. Reports allow users to quickly report what’s happening at a place from wait time, long lines, type of music or crowd, how busy it is, etc.
Congrats on the new version! When I first used the app, I recall it being more focused on imagery rather than activity for determining places of interest. Excited to see how this grows. Also are you all using Button's integration for uber/foursquare/Yelp?
@jgmiller hey Jake! Yes we were previously focused on image recognition for places when we first launched. Now we have expanded our features to be the go to platform for search and discovery for places. We currently do not use Button even though they have some great integrations. We wanted more customizations and additional data so we decided to use individual API's from Yelp, Foursquare, etc. Hope that helps. Stay tuned for continuous updates as we grow!
To make this unique (the "what's happening now" piece) you need a large enough user base to have continual input about what is going on where they are. From what I can see that is not the case yet. How do you plan to get recognized, and more importantly used, by a large enough base for your differentiator to actually be a differentiator?
@gregg_katz Currently we are focusing on growing in the LA area. We have already started to work with some of the top local venues by cross promoting. By doing so, we have seen an increase in valuable users that provides useful data for our system. Additionally, we have brand ambassadors to help promote PHIND in colleges around LA. We plan to expand to other major cities shortly. Although we are still growing, we already see a trend in user generated reports as we continue to retain these users.
hello, I was searching for some applications which show me trending place. Phind is a good one. But unfortunately because of my location, I cant see Trending Places tab in the application. so, I need some more pictures about this tab or any video. I try to understand how the page is, how the carousels of nightlife/restaurant work, how the banner is. do you have?
@yasemin_dogu Where are you located? We are expanding our reach of Trending Places as our user base continues to grow. Currently our top three cities are Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco.
@rishijjw I am in Turkey, Istanbul. So thats why I cant see and maybe I can never see because my location is not in your scope