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I was traveling in London and there was a statue of a man on a horse outside my hotel. It was really cool and I was curious to know what it was. I started searching terms on Google such as “man on a horse London landmark” or even “famous men on horses statue London"and I couldn’t find anything! That’s when I realized, how do you search for something if you don’t know what you’re looking at? I saw a gap in search, specifically for places, and I wanted to come up with a solution…that’s how PHIND started. Now, we’re taking PHIND to a new level by broadening its capabilities. We are a simple and all-encompassing search platform for places. I’d love to hear honest feedback from users on what they like/not like about the new update, what else they would want to see in the app and other frustrations they feel they have when they’re out and about discovering a new place - whether traveling or just around their local neighborhood. Their opinion will help shape the future of PHIND!