Shazam for landmarks and locations

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By taking a photo, Phind draws on images online associated with that location and via image recognition immediately pulls in information from Foursquare, Yelp, Wikipedia and Trip Advisor in a simple tile format inside the app. Facts, history, restaurants nearby, you name it.
@kwdinc great description!
@rishijjw would be great to integrate directions: instead of google maps "go 3 blocks on x street" phynd serves up images already tagged by users. "Turn left when you see this in x minutes turn right when you see this", etc.
@christiancooper that's definitely a great idea! We will consider this in the future as we continue to enhance the overall user experience!
And Google Goggles before Glass. Pretty sure they even used the same Santa Monica Pier example. I love this idea! I'm curious about the decision to use such a dark UI for a product that's meant to be used outdoors and in bright light situations often. Seems like that might not be the most user friendly.
@theclayfox glad you love the idea! We decided to go with the darker transparent tiles so it would be a different UI experience compared to the apps in the marketplace, however we appreciate your feedback and will consider this in future updates.
This was also what Google Glass was aiming to do, right?
@liamtjoa yes this was a similar feature they were aiming to implement among others, however, we are focused on a niche market and incorporate content aggregation which is a major differentiating factor.
I really like the UI, lots of information but it's displayed in a very relaxing way.
I really like the product demo. Very cool stuff :) Will it also be available for Android?
Thanks so much @hoomnizer! Android will be coming later this year. Even though we are live on the App Store, we still consider this version a semi beta version. We are trying to gather as much feedback as possible so we can update the app and then create the Android version once we are solid on iOS.
@rishijjw Wish you all the best with it. Thanks for your reply
Anytime @hoomnizer! Thanks for all the support!!