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I was researching coffee subscriptions and noticed this one and because of @rrhoover's love for Philz Coffee, just had to share it.
Any recommendations on which flavor to try first @rrhoover?
@stttories Silken Splendor is my go-to but any of the medium/dark roasts are good. If you want decaf for late nights, try the Dark French. I'll say, Philz is never as good at home as it is when they make it at the cafe. They secretly put crack in it, I'm pretty sure.
@rrhoover @stttories Talk about a habit forming product. ;) A little crack goes a long way.
How was this not hunted by @rrhoover?
SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY. Though this would be a lot better if they sent you a different coffee every month.
If I could, I swear I'd get daily Sumatra / Tesora deliveries.