Philz Coffee app

Order your coffee ahead. Pick-up made easy. ☕️

Welcome to the new Philz Coffee app! It's never been easier to order your Cup of Love for pick-up, customize your coffee to your personal taste, and reorder your favorites. Download the app today and experience Philz at your fingertips.

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The app's been teased in Philz locations for the past months while in beta. Now it's live in the App Store. @jacobjaber, you've been using Caviar to manage online orders/order ahead. Why build your own app?
@rrhoover this is the perfect app for you, Ryan 😂😂
@lamaalrajih haha, yes. It's also somewhat circular as Philz has been my morning "office" since the beginning of Product Hunt.
@rrhoover hey Ryan! Our vision is to make Philz part of everyday and in order to do that we need to obsess about serving our customers best. That means we have to create alternative experiences that meet the need of our customers. One day one may want a personal experience in the store with the community and another day they may value convenience and speed. The Philz app makes it easy to get your philz fast and conveniently with an app experience that mirrors the personalized experience you get in the store. Like the in store Philz experience, the app is designed differently and should feel intuitive, easy and personalized for you.
Tried out Philz app to order coffee for the first time yesterday and I'm a huge fan! The app is super intuitive and easy to use.
I previously ordered for pick-up on Caviar, but was devastated when it was no longer available. Thankfully, I quickly found the new Philz app. Great UX and glad Philz can own the process from start to finish.
Philtered Soul, am i right?
The best damn coffee in the world, hands down. Jacob is one of the most genuine and passIonate entrepreneurs I have ever met. The team at Philz is amazing and continue to awe their customer base with top notch products. Congrats on the app launch!