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Hello everyone! My name is Jacob Jaber and I am the CEO of Philz Coffee. We are delighted to work with our friends at Product Hunt on this exclusive and limited release. Product Hunt holds a special place in our heart considering their CEO Ryan Hoover started this business out of one of our coffee shops. Philz is lucky to have an intelligent, talented and genuinely amazing customer base. This blend is dedicated to Product Hunt and the entrepreneurial spirit of Philz customers!
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@jacobjaber 😍 I (like many others) love the story and love how Philz appears in different startup stories (even on Silicon Valley TV series ha) Any who have tried it, I am sure, can appreciate the time and effort put into the brand and the quality of the coffee. You've converted a solely-cappuccino-drinker onto proper coffee!
@bentossell cappuccino can also be "proper" coffee :)
@stefamini yeh I thought so... I got almost laughed out of the slack room when it came to Philz roll call time... No one gave me the proper initiation. cc @mscccc
@bentossell no worries! Next time we are in the same city, I'll teach you the coffee lingo :)
@jacobjaber what would it take to have a Philz barista make this in shop? Also- Thanks for always making my morning better!
Fun fact: Product Hunt started at Philz (the one located at 399 Golden Gate Ave) and I continue to visit nearly every day. Big fan of the coffee and company, @jacobjaber and team have built.
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@rrhoover Existential question: What's your favorite Philz coffee?
@rrhoover I hit up that location daily too. It's my fave location because they have sometimes have a body guard outside the restroom to ensure proper use. πŸ˜‚πŸ™ƒ
Ordered! I wonder if this is expensable πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
@nivo0o0 Let us know what you think of the blend!
So...just to be clear. This is not coffee *for* cats?
@knownhuman next million dollar idea! #catnipcafe
This is great!
@awesomismmom So great to hear that you're a fan of this