A dating app based on genetic compatibility πŸ’•

Pheramor analyzes 11 genes that encode for your immune system. The more different these genes are from someone else, the more chemically and biologically attracted you will be to one another. But DNA isn't destiny, which is why Pheramor uses your social data from social media to match you based on a combination of interests, likes, and hobbies!

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Mahesh ShresthaFounder at Tech Vumi & Prabidhi.Info
could be the beginning of Black Mirror episode!
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ScottElectrical Designer
@traveler exactly my thought
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Evan WilderProject Manager, growDEV
Everyone asked "How" but forgot to ask "Why".
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Amrith ShanbhagCommunity at Opal πŸ’Ž Board of Gen-Z 🐝
This is either very genius or very weird πŸ™ƒπŸ€”
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Erwin James WillSoftware Engineer
this only works if you get enough mass
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Michael SmolskiI find products that help. Writer too.
I like the idea but there is just no way of this working. This needs millions of users and I honestly doesn't see people spending money on a test like this. Maybe importing DNA analysis from services like 23andMe is what's needed though.
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