A mysterious new app from Donald Glover

Did some digging in the app's .ipa file and found evidence indicating that it's related to signup for an upcoming event and maybe even learning how to code. Possibly a music festival called constellation?
@_sachink Wow, nice sleuthing!
@_sachink you were right!
Here's hoping it's the Gambino/Chance mixtape.
What ever it is, it's only available in the US App store.
Checked out the app store for iPhone version. Here are the reviews! Ha. Customer Reviews Thoughts on the countdown... by bewal416 Okay so this app bino posted the link for is a count down. Big number right? Well the first 2 numbers are the hours. The second 2 numbers are minutes, the rest are seconds. Why 100 though? Well that’s because seconds go by a tenths. So what’s the symbol at the ends, well the first one is a minuscule ø and the second is a cedilla ę. These are actually computer coding, or unicodes. The ø is U+00D8 and ę U+229. The app is called pharos, pharos is both a software company and also a light house in Egypt. So I’m guessing that earth is acting as a beacon, but for what? This app changes everything by TehHamster9 I swear I thought this was a normal app, but once I downloaded it I started having good luck. I went to Vegas and lost all but one dollar, but then this app finished installing and I went on a run for the record books. I started winning and winning. By the time I was done, I had won a half a million dollars in just blackjack alone. I moved on to the slots and on my first try I won jackpot. I ended up leaving the casino with 25.5 million dollars. I swear to you, this app is magical. This App Changed My Life by Zebree1000 When Gambino tweeted this, I thought it was just a normal and boring app but once I downloaded it everything changed. All of a sudden, I was an alien soaring through the cosmos and I could see the reflection of my soul on each of the stars. I didn't know where I was going, but I knew that I needed to get there and that gave me a sense of purpose and fulfillment like nothing else ever has. 10/10 would buy again.
@bradyoriginal I came here to post that too hahahhaa. The reviews are uhh, interesting. ;)
@abe_storey Yes, I checked before posting because I was sure someone must have already done so!
@bradyoriginal Great minds think alike! Btw, this entire thing is brilliant marketing, whatever the product may be.