Install mobile native 'hunts via Twitter Cards

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Sam BauchMaker@sammybauch · Maker
Twitter bot built with the Product Hunt API on top of my fledgling Twitter Card service Dewey - http://www.producthunt.com/posts... On mobile platforms the Twitter Card will have a button to install the app from the appropriate app store. Just trying to reduce friction for installing mobile hunts! EDIT re: comment from @rrhoover on how this works: Via the PH API, I'm pulling the redirect URL and using a regex to determine if it's a google play or app store link. If not, I'm scraping the URL for links of this nature. Then I grab the identifier(s) out of the URL, and use that to build the twitter card. So yeah, if you link to itunes and also have a Googe Play app, I won't catch that. So I suppose you should link to a splash page for optimization here. Otherwise if the PH team adds "related links" to the API we could clean this up a bit.
Solene Maître@solenema · PM @applydia
@sammybauch That's cool! It's funny, I started to do the same scrapping thing and I want to build an app on top of it because it's a nightmare to search for product hunt app on the App Store!
Sam BauchMaker@sammybauch · Maker
@SoleneMa yeah I wonder if we'll ever see over the air installs? Like I love how Pocket will push/sync articles to me in the background. If I could "install" an iOS app via desktop and have it pushed to me, rather than having to sync, that'd be cool. That may even be possible, but honestly my mac and iphone aren't that good of friends ever since Spotify took over my itunes for music.
Solene Maître@solenema · PM @applydia
@sammybauch I know I went for a 32 go because of Spotify :) So I guess what could be even greater is a way to uninstall apps that you never use.
Neal Shyam@nealrs · Full Stack Weirdo
@sammybauch great idea Sam! i really dig it.
Noah Chestnut@noahchestnut · Product @BleacherReport
This is cool. I like the Product Hunt daily emails, but a dedicated Twitter feed to mobile will probably encourage me to test / download a few apps per month.
Sam BauchMaker@sammybauch · Maker
@noahchestnut thanks Noah! I almost never install apps, and when I do it's more of a known entity i'm searching out. Willing to do more impulse installs to test things out, but the friction is just too much as is. Not on PH specifically, just generally. There's been some discussion here lately touching on things like the text to my phone strategy.
Noah Chestnut@noahchestnut · Product @BleacherReport
@sammybauch Any threads worth reading to catch-up?
Sam BauchMaker@sammybauch · Maker
@noahchestnut cant recall off top of my head, but I'll look back through my upvotes!
Jordan Cooper@jordancooper · CEO, Wildcard
nice hack :)
Sam BauchMaker@sammybauch · Maker
Pushed some updates after the PH team added some more attributes to the API! Result should be that we're more accurately grabbing all of the mobile apps posted. Definitely helps when Related Links to the app store listings are added, so hunters add those links when appropriate!