Phantom Reactor

Ultra-compact high fidelity home sound system

The Phantom Reactor, a new breed of wireless speaker. By stretching size and performance beyond reasonable limits, Devialet engineers have brought to life the only ultra-compact home sound system capable of delivering high fidelity and physical impact, whatever volume you listen at. Insanely powerful. Defiantly small. You won’t know what hits you.

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So it's a tiny... Phantom!
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I was wondering what Devialet was up to! A few days ago I tweeted: I have a Devialet Phantom Gold, which is nearly 4x more expensive than this new $999 model (I didn't buy my Phantom before someone judges me too much 😆). What I love about the Phantom is the portability. I've taken it on trips, although this new model is clearly much better suited for suitcase travel.
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@rrhoover Reactor is only up to 900 Watts where Gold has 4500 Watts, over 4x better bang for your buck😄