Stay on top of your appliances' standby power

Phantasma is an iOS app designed to help everyday consumers avert the unnecessary costs of standby power (the consumption of electricity by devices that are not in active use). Simply unplug appliances to save on utility bills and better the environment!
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Hi! First-time poster here. I'm currently a high school junior, and released this app as a simplified version of a project I created at a recent hackathon. I care a lot about the environment, and one great way individuals can save energy and money is to avoid incurring what is known as "phantom load" by unplugging their devices when they are not in use. Phantasma helps you manage your home's appliances and track what is unplugged and plugged in so that you can maximize your savings. It leverages data from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab to calculate statistics as well. Thanks for checking the app out!