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#2 Product of the DayDecember 17, 2015
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Hi All, Ever wanted to watch PH unfold throughout the day? Me too! How’s it work? It’s pretty simple… Just load the page, set your category preferences and watch as votes/comments & new posts pour in. You can do things like condense the view & see only the top 10 items. You can check out the images view, for a fun look at the landscape. You can even fly to the moon (not using PH Today)! Another cool thing is the graphs. Click the little icon and you’ll get a nice history for the day like this: But, Why? I 💗 Product Hunt, and the data fascinates me. You can see my previous PH API endeavors, and I’ve been thinking about this idea since before the new front page was launched. So I built it. But, Tell me more! This might be my last product of 2015. I’m totally open to feedback. What do you like? What do you dislike? What are you doing for New Years? LMK! 💯😀💃
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@jsneedles not doing much for New Years... probably keeping an eye on Product Hunt :) Would be interesting to see how this could be incorporated into PH directly... Ultimately is this a way to try and get people to not visit the Product Hunt pages (with the exception of the post page) and to just jump on the bandwagon of what is popular and rising quickly? I could see some people doing that.
@bentossell @jsneedles definitely not! I built this as a dashboard for those of us who refresh the homepage very frequently. By pointing out those with changes to comments + new posts - I hope to encourage more ppl to get into more discussions. That's why I have the comment counts always present 💯
@jsneedles Yea, I agree, PH would be perfect with realtime action!!
@jsneedles liked it as it makes switching b/w PH categories soooo easy... And real-time updates ... Fantastical
@jsneedles hey this is a cool idea! I think it would useful/interesting to have a notification button or dropdown that shows how things have changed if you have been away. For example, I have PH Today open, but I am currently in another tab. After awhile I go back to the PHT tab, and see that things have changed. It would be cool if I could click a button to see exactly what has changed while you were away: "PH Today: 30 new up votes, 8 new comments." "Spotify Party: 25 new up votes, 5 new comments." Just a thought for an easier way to understand and track the data if you aren't constantly looking at the PHT.
this looks fantastic. I could definitely see myself (and other power users) using this as their main product hunt homepage. I don't know about other users, but I turned off the thumbnails view on, as I really don't care about the pictures in the leaderboard. I just prefer how the site used to be when like this:
@_jacksmith Thanks Jack! Lemme know anything that would make it better for a power user like yourself 💗😻🎉
@jsneedles I agree with another comment here; that if I leave this as a tab open; then come back an hour later and tab to it, it could be awesome to see what changed. e.g. x product just got 5 upvotes in that time. or something like that. could be done via temporary tooltip type things. this is an ugly mockup, but maybe something like:
@_jacksmith Totally! I'm gonna look into that. Showing all of them might be a bit much. Maybe I'll do something like "here are the biggest changes" and put them across the top... + "heres new stuff" -- I wanted to have sorting in before launch, but I just wanted to SHIP.
@jsneedles it's insane, the amount of features that you managed to get included in this initial relase
@_jacksmith 😚 I try. Main focus was seriously SPEED. The images feature was such a little add-in.. it's not perfect.. but it's really cool to browse through. And then I was like "I could record all these changes and graph them...." And I don't know if anyone even touched the drag & drop yet... it's wonky!
This is really well done and @jsneedles built it quickly - which he gets huge props for! You all should ask him all of your data questions...use this product as an excuse to do so. 🙊I always enjoy his perspective and insights. He never ceases to keep me on my toes when it comes to all things data related! 📈
I'm already hooked @jsneedles! The trending tab across the top is as impressive as your prolific product making, and I can't look away. I can imagine other data integrations such as with site analytics, 3rd party sentiment tools, or some custom time-based/history visualization tools. There are lots of great insights to be extracted, I'm sure. Perhaps even enough to calm the @medium 'discussions' today.
Yet another thing made by @jsneedles! The real-time feed is fascinating to watch - bookmarking now. Looking forward to seeing what you build in 2016 :) PS: If you like PH Today, check out Jeff's Maker of the Year page. 🏆
@jackdweck thx Jack! 😘