A personalized pet care guide for dog owners

We believe taking great care of our pets should be easy and accessible. PetSensus is building a personalized pet care guide that provides dog owners with everything they need to keep their pets happy and healthy. Built by vets, made for all pet owners.
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Hey guys! We have spent a good part of this year on our mission to make being a great pet parent easier and more accessible, and thereby improve pet health and wellness. Our first prototype is slowly coming together, and we would love to hear your feedback on one part of it. Our goal is to make pet owners' lives easier, by instantly providing them with credible, personalized pet care advice and a personalized product & service offering. This pet care guide is only the first piece to the PetSensus pet care ecosystem. Let's focus on the content, and try to see beyond the design and presentation. We have some ideas of how to improve (or rather complete) the user interface, but could use a hand with what we don't know yet: how valuable do you find the report content itself? Help us better ourselves! Here are some guiding questions: -Do you find the content useful? -Do you feel like you learned something valuable? / Were you reminded of something important? -Would you prefer using our report over other resources? Why? -How likely would you return to the report from time to time? -How likely would you be to purchase the products recommended by the report? Or fill out a short survey & win a prize: Can't wait to hear from you all! All the best, Martin CEO @ PetSenus
Neat product and the UI is easy and simple to use. Was glad to find out that all is good with my dog after filling out the questionnaire. One of the suggestions would be to include or highlight the clear value the user would get out of the product before going through the questionnaire. It was pretty clear once I had gone through the questionnaire but prior to doing it I wasn't exactly sure what the expected outcome would be :) I would suggest implementing in the future breed-specific tips. For example with golden retrievers or other long-fur dogs its important to make sure that their fur is dried right after getting completely wet. If you don't do that then after some time the fur can start smelling unpleasantly. I think it'd be helpful for pet owners to learn little tips and tricks like that through your product :) Keep up the great work!