Pets After Rapture

Protect your pets from today, to eternity

Pets After Rapture is a service that connects pets with non-Christians to take care of them after the rapture.

  • Andrew-David
    Andrew-DavidCo-Founder at Wild Gamut



    This is a scam

    They take the money of naïve people on a monthly basis without having to do anything in exchange because this service relies on something from a fantasy tale to actually happen in real life.

    If it was a free service or if it assigned your pet to a caretaker after you died rather than it being specifically "after the rapture happens," then it would be fine. But this is clearly them using religion as an excuse to steal money from a cult of brainwashed people who don't know any better.

    It's a scam.

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  • Pros: 

    Excellent idea! No one really knows if pets get raptured with believers. Safe to know your pets will have someone come to rescue them!


    The only con would be finding out it's true and you left your pet to fend for themselves during the worst time in the world!

    How long would your pet survive on their own? If rapture happens to happen one night and you crate your dog fido and he has only a small bowl of water in the long can he survive? :( these are questions I think really gets you to think about these times we're in and planning for it.

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I don’t know what to think? Is this a joke product? $10 a month this company is asking for. Well good luck to them is all I can say. As I think about it I am realising that people who believe this will probably also be crazy enough to pay the money. And the makers don’t even have any expenditure because they are absolutely, 100% certainly never going to have to do anything. I dunno if this should be illegal or hailed as commercial genius. Literally money for nothing.
Funny concept on the surface, but this actually solves a deeper problem within the Christian community - what will happen to your pets after the Christian Rapture? This company acts as the middle man between Christian pet owners and non-Christian volunteers who will be around after the Rapture to take care of all the pets. 🙀
Ummm, has anybody thought about this: that if all of the Christians suddenly disappeared, then perhaps that's a pretty conclusive sign they might have been right all along and the rest of humanity (pets included) is kinda screwed?
@casmccullough That’s a great point. If Christianity is right... The Bible describes God creating a new heavens and new earth that is pretty astounding in Revelation 21-22. No more tears. No more pain. No more war. God and man dwelling together in the garden city of the new Jerusalem. Jesus lovingly ruling and reigning on the throne with God. Pretty amazing. I’d be shocked if former pets were a concern of anyone there. And like you said, everyone else is screwed... if they don’t submit to and follow Jesus in this life.