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Connecting future pet owners with responsible breeders.


We help future pet owners connect with loving, responsible breeders. Unlike other websites, we do not sell puppies; instead, we connect you with community-reviewed breeders that care more about the animals than the profits. We can put an end to irresponsible breeders if we do it together!

3 Reviews
Luis  Castro
Shannon Bertucci
Russell Smith
  • Pros: 

    Easy to use, excellent way to find a pet from a reliable breeder


    Small con: Missing more breeders

    This product makes it easier to find good breeders nearby, which doing it manually with google search takes lots of time and result in suspicious ads. I would definitely keep a look on this product to see if I find my next pet

    Luis Castro has used this product for one day.
  • Shannon Bertucci
    Shannon BertucciNinja Developer

    Easy to Use, Beautiful Interface


    More Breeders!

    I was recently on the hunt for a new family member, and experienced the weird back doors and hoops you have to go through to find good breeders. Pedigree is solving this problem, and solving it well. I can't wait to see it with more breeders.

    Shannon Bertucci has used this product for one week.
  • Russell Smith
    Russell SmithProduct, Marketing, Partnerships

    Great UI, nothing else like it, solves a big problem


    Still need more breeders

    Petigree is a revolutionary way to find the right dog for you and brings all breeders into one place making research and sourcing WAY easier

    Russell Smith has used this product for one week.