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it seems we've shifted from saying "cloud" or "in-the-cloud" to "AI" - i can bet this term will start getting abused more and more by startups for the next little while.
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@rickats Can't argue with that. Spaces always get more hyped as things get "hot" and exciting.
This product is pretty awesome. Once ideas like this start taking off, lawyers can focus on the things (problems) that they actually get paid the big bucks to help solve. Reducing friction for mundane tasks that humans have to do is a good way to innovate with technology. Looking forward to seeing more cool ideas like this one.
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I hate it when I can't find pricing for a product websites…
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it says "try for free" but I couldn't find any pricing page. How much is it?
@_jacksmith ditto. I even did a google site search and nothing turned up.
@andrewwarner @_jacksmith I always do that when I can't find pricing. :)
it s like stampery (https://stampery.com/ ) meet x.ai