Watch, talk and play with your pet when you're not at home

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Petcube is the best Ukrainian startup. We proud of it and the team, who made it happen. Also we are inspired by it’s success, which is deserved.
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Oh gosh, my mom would love this. She is obsessed with her cat. She's so uneasy going away for vacation, and if she does go away, she just kept saying "I wonder what Penny is doing". and also add the whole "Send me a picture of Penny". Problem solved mom!
This looks fun, not just for pets but also younger siblings and unsuspecting house sitters. Reminds me of Kittyo.
@rrhoover Yeah, kids and seniors are a bit of a different story, I think they need a different product. Kittyo is very similar to Petcube, although we were first :) The main part of Petcube is not the gadget itself but the way it enables pet sharing and helps us to build the community of pet lovers. Petcube for iPhone is already available in App Store.
@rrhoover I had a product in mind for seniors and kids and then discovered that Sentri guys are already building exactly what I was thinking about
being able to amuse other peoples pets is brilliant!