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Hey Product Hunt! Yaroslav here with Petcube. Proud to announce the official release of Petcube Bites treat cam. You can see, talk, play, and fling treats Angry-Birds style to your pup or kitty - from your phone. Play fetch, or just keep your pet’s tummy happy. Check out our new video:
Designed for pet moms and dads, it’s good looking and has all the bells and whistles. Petcube Bites holds 2 pounds of treats and has built-in sensors to notify you when you’re running low on supply. We integrated Amazon Dash Replenishment, so you can easily reorder treats through the Petcube App. We’ve partnered with Wellness, so tasty sample treats are included. As animal lovers, we support rescues and animal welfare causes. In fact, we just threw the largest rescue dog party this Saturday, together with SF SPCA. We donate our time, resources and cameras to support shelters across the country. If you like what you see, get your Petcube Bites treat cam. Enter PRODUCTHUNT at Petcube.com and we’ll donate a portion of proceeds to SF SPCA. Appreciate the upvotes! Hit me up with questions. I promise I won’t bite.
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@yaroslavazhnyuk How is the "night" vision? The last Petcube was very bad in the dark. At times we keep our blinds closed to keep the house cooler.
@jamierytlewski You are probably talking about our very first product, Petcube Camera, which didn't have night vision. In out current line of products, both Petcube Bites and Petcube Play have night vision and also work great in low-light conditions. They also got a much better, 1080p camera sensor along with a number of other improvements - huge leap forward compared to the original one.
Your visuals and video are so adorable! Now I need to get a pet for getting your awesome Petcube Bites 😜
Five years time: Pooch is lying on the pet psychiatrists couch (the only time pooch ever remembers being allowed to sit on the couch), pining, "sure, my owners played with me, they got me to play fetch, and chase food around the house, they spoke to me, but they were never there for me. Everything they did was through that camera!"
@coelmay haha ) Hope that doesn't happen to anyone :) "You're a bad pet parent if you only talk to your pet through the camera" is a common concern, but in reality - Petcube just extends your communication capabilities, not replaces the "old way". The same way phones never replaced live conversations.
Now I want a dog even more!
@rudpunk A very common comment, by the way )
Congrats on the launch! The video is awesome, I guess you guys had a lot of fun making it :)