Petcube App 4.0

Twitch for pets


Petcube App 4.0 is an iOS app bringing the joy of streaming and social media to the world of pets.

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I want to thank the team behind Petcube for such a cool product!


It's just amazing


None so far

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Hardware is crap. Audio is horrible, Laser is jerky and non responsive.

You have to pay an extra 20bucks for a stand that should have been designed into the hardware in the first place.

App wise its crap. Consistent connectivity issues and they constantly spam you in APP with trying to buy their subscription services or additional products or to rate them on services like this one.

Do not buy 1st or 2nd gen of petcube. Hope that gen3 actually works as advertised.


It looks like they're working on it still.


4 versions and they still can't fix their basic problems

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