Petcube 3.0

Play laser tag with real pets from your smartphone.

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Hey Hunters, Andrey with Petcube here. We sincerely believe that products for pets should be designed with as much care as products designed for their human slaves. Our first gadget Petcube Camera allows you to check-in on your pets remotely. See, talk to and play a kick-ass game with a laser pointer from your smartphone. The sweetest thing is that you can download the Petcube app right now, and interact with other people's pets — those who choose to share their Petcube Cameras. It works like this:
. If you like what you see, gear up with your own Petcube Camera using this exclusive $50 off coupon PRODUCTHUNT50 at We’ve redesigned our iOS app from the ground up, revamping the UI/UX for camera owners and players. It’s not just our visual language that changed, we’ve made it easier to connect to different Petcube Cameras, so you can dive into seriously fun interactions with a simple tap. The overall app design is streamlined, so we can easily scale and rollout new features along the way. Android update is arriving shortly. Many thanks in advance for the upvotes! Feel free to hit me up with questions, including those about the laser pointer (hint: the laser isn’t harmful, only entertaining).
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@_klen what are the biggest changes from the launch two years ago? Are you worried that the novelty factor of playing with someone elses pet via a laser on a screen may wear off and affect retention?
@bentossell Design wise we took a deep dive into interaction part, prioritizing experience with cameras. Pet lovers have browsing tools that include favorites, recently played and following shortcuts. Cameras are now a separate entity on the app meaning they'll have their own stats and history. There are few perks for gadget owners, we delivered long awaited sound and motion notifications, auto-play mode. Those will become more complex and smarter with every iteration. Frankly it's not even about what the app is now, it's about what it's going to be :) We laid out a lean structure to implement new exciting things. There are so many of those in the pipeline. Addressing you question, it depends a lot on wether a person owns a Petcube Camera. Typically camera owners are super engaged, they make 8 calls per week on average. With this update we are making an effort to bring much better experience interacting with pets to those who don't have a Petcube.
@_klen cool. How long are those session generally? Forgive me but I can't see past the novelty factor ... being in a cat cafe is different because you get to have the actual physical interaction with the cat. This is like a real-life tamagotchi haha. May be cool to play around with at the beginning and maybe pick it up a few times every now and then. But as an app to visit consistently, each week, month etc I think there could be some challenges. What else is in the pipeline for petcube?
@bentossell Those are about a minute, probably enough to make sure that your pet is okay and maybe kickstart a little exercise with a laser. It also depends on time spent away from their furry loved ones, weekdays bring a lot of calls from work (hopefully they don't interrupt any important meetings). Some people are not allowed to have pets, some of them have allergies but still enjoy interacting with them remotely. Some people may even browse Petcube Cameras in shelters and rescues looking to adopt a pet. But I totally agree that having a camera and connecting to your beloved animal at home feels stronger and more engaging than browsing other pets. About tamagotchi thing. Oh, we are definitely going there :) We have so many ideas and even few new products in works that will compliment the whole pet care ecosystem.
hey @bentossell, people call their pets multiple times a day, it's a pretty important piece of their daily communication. I'd say, it is much more important than we imagined at the beginning.
My wife wants this. That's a good sign! Nice work team !
@axpence Thanks! That would make an awesome present.
Petcube, keep rocking!
Nice design! Love the idea to play with pets when I have a free minute. It's like to play a casual game, but I help someone pet be more active and healthier. Great idea and execution, guys!
@tislenkov Many thanks, Vlad. Really looking forward to future Concepter releases, PH awaits :)
S O E V I L ! :)
@shal3v Evil never felt cuter :)