Changing families lives one pet at a time

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And if you don't have a pet, there's an app for that.
@rrhoover have you already considered adopting a ph kitty?
@rrhoover 🐶🐱🐰
Instead of funding the pet industry, donate to help starving children. And if your lonely have some meaningful human interactions, join a club or a big brother club, don't get a slave pet for your deficiencies.
@androidlove Oh wow, that's a really narrow point of view, don't you think? You probably never owned a pet. And you probably never should either.
@androidlove No one asked for your opinion on owning a pet but thanks for showing how little compassion you have for other living species. There are lots of pets out there that need a home, food and love. Caring for pets and "starving children" don't have to be mutually exclusive.