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Do you have a dog or a cat? Or, maybe you keep a parrot, a rabbit or a hamster? When you visit a veterinarian, he asks what the pet ate, how often he ate, how often did you go for walks? At this point the diary of the pet comes to the rescue. Thanks to this application you will have a record of all important events on your phone.



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Amrith Shanbhag
Amrith Shanbhag@amrith · Community at Product Hunt & Feathrd
@oleg_demyanov do you have a pet? I'm curious to know what's the story behind this app 😸
Oleg Demyanov
Oleg DemyanovMaker@oleg_demyanov · WA
@amrith So it is long story :) I and my team develop productivity apps for parents and there kids. This app was born as a combination of two our others apps for parents (Breastfeeding app and Pills reminder app). I had a dog, parrot, turtle and etc. at my childhood. And I know that it is a big responsibility to take care of them. I have now two kids. And they really want to have some pets at our home. And I want to show them that having a pet is not so easy. You need do lot of staff with it. We think that app will be helpful for lots of pets owners. We contacted some of them during app developing and asked there suggestions. The app can track history of repeatedly task such as give vitamins to your pet, go to the veterinary, clean it and etc. And if you have any suggestions about how to improve the app and make it better - feel free to contact us. We need your feedback and comments
Vitalina Bobrova
Vitalina Bobrova@vitalina_bobrova
Smbd told that it is imposible to forget about feeding pet or buyig pet's stuff. But I kow people who can :) It is a very simple and beautiful app. Hope it's usefull!