Pet Pace

Smart collar for your pet

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I love me some pet tech (Pet Tech Collection). This is similar to a Fitbit for dog, and what I like even more is it monitors heartbeat, breathing, and temperature so it can alert you if your pet isn't feeling well based on irregular data. If dogs could talk it would be much easier to know this stuff, but until then, this is a nice easy way to figure out if they're not well.
Interesting product! While I'm all about hardware-as-a-service as a business model, the $15/month service fee seems steep. This might make more sense with a hardware-enabled service (optional recurring fee), with some of the more complex features moved to the premium tier. Asking for high hardware margins and a recurring fee just seems a bit much.
This is smart, but must it be intrusive and hideous? I think many people wouldn't be willing to pay that appearance cost.
@jak1192 To me being able to know if my dog is sick (and not just sleepy or cranky) would be more than enough to replace his collar with this one and a little nugget attached to it.
@jak1192 maybe an all black version would be less visually imposing? there's a company called Wonderwoof that makes something similar in the shape of a puffy bowtie, and I happen to think the Pet Pace is much sleeker.