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I've tried A LOT of different virtual assistant services and I really love Perssist. 1) It's exceptionally affordable, at <$13 per hour (note, this is per hour of work completed. e.g. if I have a task that takes 15 minutes, e.g. phone this place, that only costs $3.25) 2) It's very accessible; their smallest plan is just $26 per month; other solutions such as Zirtual have a minimum entry point of $400 per month. 3) It's really flexible; you can email tasks in; you can phone them to submit tasks; and they also have an awesome dashboard. They're available 24-7. here's a list of common request ideas
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@_jacksmith This is very timely - I just received my monthly bill from Zirtual. Interestingly, I'm on a grandfathered plan - something like 8 hours @ $199/mo, which works out to about $25/hr. Perssist appeals to me for a few reasons: 1) I get a lower price point at ~$13/hr 2) They're available 24x7 - Zirtual is basically 9-5 US time, which for me is difficult because I live in Australia 3) My zirtual assistant keeps changing anyway, so why not use a service where I get a different one each time? 4) Zirtual assistants are not able to do content writing. It's not that I need a lot of posts written for me, but I asked them to schedule some tweets for me once and they had to clear that it was okay because I was told they're not allowed to create content. The concerns with Perssist for me would be: 1) My task will not necessarily be performed by a native english speaker 2) Because it's a different person each time, there's no long term training value 2a) Unable to form a personal bond with assistant (I work by myself, so having an 'employee' I can riff with is actually a small consideration) 3) While they may undergo rigor in selection, with assistants all over the world it would be difficult for these people to be 'employed'. TLDR: If a Zirtual employee screws up, there's a legal contract between Zirtual and the employee enforceable in the USA. I guess I have a month to think about whether I'd want to change. Out of curiosity, will these people send e-mails via an account you setup? Eg, if I want them to send e-mails from @crowdloot.com, is there an extra cost involved? (there is/was for Zirtual)
@alwang @ebozzone : you guys are probably better placed to answer here.
@rossdcurrie @_jacksmith Sorry about the late reply -- we've been trying to figure out the logistics of sending emails from a custom domain, as it's not something we yet support. We're completely open to it (likely with a minimum plan level), but need to figure out the best way to do so technically. If this is a must-have feature for you, please shoot me an email at albert@perssist and I'd be happy to discuss further.
@alwang you guys should act really quick and put together a deal for all of those that just got burnt by Zirtual pausing operations
@alwang @perssist just so I am clear. You don't manage meetings on my calendar?
Interesting perk in this pricing package, what was the thought process behind this, has it been useful to anyone? Or is it just a novelty?
@david_diam hey David we've maintained regular contact with a lot of our heavy users so it hasn't been needed much. We just wanted to make it clear that we're very available to help if anything isn't working or questions come up for one reason or another.
Thanks for the shoutout @_jacksmith! If anyone has any comments, or questions please let us know!
@alwang @ebozzone : how long have you guys been going for? do you give any information on where your operators are based?
@_jacksmith Our team's based worldwide to provide 24x7x365 coverage. They all possess top-notch English-language skills, and some even have advanced degrees! Most of our customers currently treat our assistants as generalists, but if you happen to have a use-case that requires special knowledge, please get in touch and we'll keep it in mind.
@alwang yeah I've found them to be great so far. When did you launch the startup?
@_jacksmith We've been iterating on the concept for about a year now, and public for about 6 months. Thanks for the love!
Thanks @_jacksmith and ProductHunt for the feature!
Gotta say the extra S seems a bit unnecesssary
@lkr I agree that sometimes I misspell the domain; but good domains are only going to get harder to come by!