A new way to keep track of time and deadlines

Perspective - New Tab is a unique way to keep track of time and deadlines — we use images and shapes to represent the passing of time.

Each task has a start and end date, and the shapes collectively display the fraction of the total time that has passed since the start.

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Anand Chandra
iOS: hz, Chorely. Chrome: Perspective
Hello ProductHunt! I am a high school senior, and I love developing. I’ve built two iOS apps, but Perspective is my first chrome extension. I built Perspective to help with procrastination and to keep track of how fast time passes in general — somehow, days and weeks always fly by and before I know it, the deadline for a project is up, or the year’s halfway over. Perspective helps by using shapes and images to represent time in each new tab — see the demo video — because visuals are much more effective than numbers at communicating the passing of time. Any feedback or questions are much appreciated! Thank you @_jacksmith for hunting 😃 Cheers, Anand Chandra