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Maia Bittner
Maia BittnerHunter@maiab · Co-founder
New app that allows you to do a modified Myers-Brigg's personality test, and then gives you useful insights on how you compare to the rest of your team. I love that it's so straightforward - most enterprise apps like these are overly complex, require a consultant, and cost $$$$
@maiab Myers-Briggs is not a scientifically sound test. I can understand the appeal of building upon a well-known personality test, but have you considered basing the testing off of a test with more empirical data, such as the five factor model, or other techniques that have wider support among psychologists?
Parker Mitchell
Parker MitchellMaker@parkerewb
Hi Hans - A couple of responses to your comment. First, as a "personality" test, we share all your concerns about the MBTI. We use a slightly modified version to incorporate elements of the five factor. But second, as a framework for people exploring how they are different from one another, we still find the MBTI dimensions to be robust and useful. Every MBTI-type test that we've seen focuses on what a user is like; we're trying to help users see the world through someone else's eyes and most importantly, give them a framework to talk about, so differences can be resolved.