Journaling meets mood & habit tracking... in style!

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Hey everyone, thanks for checking out our product! I'm excited to get some feedback from everybody here. So Perspective is essentially a chat app... where you chat with yourself. Privately. You leave some messages for your future self. And then that person can deal with all the crap you leave for him/her. It's bulletproof! But the good part about it is that when you look back, you learn stuff, you become better, you know how to deal with things because you have a better perspective (get it? that's the name of the app). Who doesn't want to be their own personal guru? And along the way, you also track your moods, habits, and things that matter to you. That'll give context to whatever you write and patterns will emerge. So if you always feel sad when you eat 5 bags of chips and a bucket of ice-cream, well, there's your problem... but, do not despair, we have an app for that! And you can enable your future self to take action and make it all better. So please take a look if you have a moment and give us your honest feedback, good or bad. We really value the opinions on PH!
Wow. This is impressive. I have Tim Urban's life calendar on my wall so this is targeted right at me. I like the way you nicely tied together the habits and motives along with journaling. The interface and the attention to detail is excellent. I am excited to try this out. One nit is that I would greatly prefer to have a larger box or perhaps the entire screen to write on similar to how day one does it. Excellent work! One question what did you write this in?
@surfy Mark, great feedback thank you. I'm Elliott, Horea's partner in crime. Responsibility for the user interface falls to me, so I'm grateful for the positive input re UI.
@surfy Hey, thank you very much Mark, that's some great feedback indeed, I really appreciate it! We tried to implement as much as possible from the idea behind the Life Calendar and what we added so far is the bare minimum we needed in order to paint a clear picture. Also, the reasoning behind the small box is that we wanted to allow for quicker input of data and a message-like interface as if you were having a chat. But we might look into providing an option to "go bigger" in the future. And the app is coded in Swift.
I could think of a lot of people who could stand to be more mindful right now. Peter Thiel, Travis Kalanick, even our president. But the hard truth is... change comes from within. We should all want to be better people.
@nassaraf Thanks so much, I couldn't have put it better myself... and I didn't ;) You should've definitely been the one writing our app's description.
@nassaraf Yeah.. thanks Naomi. So true.
@horea4 Hit me up next time and I'll do what I can to help! :)
I like the app but it is not available on the two type of devices I have - Android and iPad. :(
@vicky_buddie Yeah, unfortunately it's only for iPhones for now. It can't be used in landscape mode so we didn't feel comfortable making it available of iPads.

Ideas that'd be useful (at least to me :-)

Possibly add (1) Weekly Milestones; (2) Quarterly Milestones; (3) Annual Review . (It seems that "Interests" works as a Daily Milestone)


Intimate; thoughtful; useful; requests for support are sensitive, well worded, & well placed.


No cons. I want more time with the app first