Technology to fight abuse online, new from Alphabet

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Interesting project from Jigsaw (an Alphabet company) which uses tech to scaleable fight online abuse. It's currently in beta but they've worked with a few big partners like Wikipedia and NYT. In the meantime, Scale might be a good solution for those that need human oversight over internet abuse. cc @lucy_guo
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@rrhoover So cool that they are working on this with other companies, the more content they have to analyze the better. Definitely needs to be in the API topic.
Just tested the "toxicness" of some names... Donald Trump 22%, Barack Obama 16%, Hillary Clinton 5%, Bernie Sanders 4%.
@guwallius Proper nouns by themselves should not have a grade, that doesn't make sense.
This is dangerous. A program, trained by wikipedia and the nyt out of all people, shouldn't be able to censor or block people's minds and thoughts. The intention is good, but unfortunately abuse had been a thing ever since we could speak to each other
The intention is good, but it may end up in bad places. I get that you're trying to make internet discussions more meaningful. But if the technology becomes good enough it may spread. For example, imagine CEO's setting up Slack so that coworkers can't chat about anything but work. That would kill creativity. People aren't robots, they need an occasional chitchat.