Data on 1.5 billion people

PersonGrid builds people data. Use our dataset of 1.5 billion unique person profiles to build products, enrich person profiles, power predictive modeling/AI, analysis, and more.

We work with technical teams as their engineering focused people data partner.

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Since you're likely processing EU personal data, could you give details on what you're doing to ensure that you are abiding by GDPR regulations?
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This is spam. Evan has posted this same product under many different names: MilkBox, WePool, DataWhale, DataWhale 2.0, BrainMilk, PeopleBasis, Setup, and several others.
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Seems like it's probably a sales tactic for People Data Labs, formerly known as Talentiq.
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@abadesi ban Evan again (his other profiles were already banned)
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Congrats on launching 🚀 What sources do you use to create the dataset? @estaller
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Awesome! Could you provide a sample profile?
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@bitler Yes, I can email you a sample profile. Feel free to provide me with your email here or contact us via
What's the source of this dataset?
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