Personas by Draftbit

A playful avatar generator for the modern age.

Build fun, fast, modern, and friendly avatars with Personas by Draftbit. We built Personas because we were tired of avatars, icons, and image kits that rely upon outdated notions on gender, race, age, and overall appearance. Missing something you need? Download the sketch file or check out the source code on Github.

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Brian Luerssen
Brian LuerssenMakerPro@bluerssen · Co-Founder + CEO @ Draftbit
👋 Hey Everyone! We built Personas as a side project here at Draftbit. We started down this path after looking around for a set of colorful avatar icons to use on a project, and couldn't find a set that didn't force us to make some unfortunate choices around gender, race, and age. So we built our own set, and here it is! We layer SVG's on top of each other to provide unique combinations of attributes, and we currently have more than 2.5 BILLION possible permutations! 🤯 You can use Personas to create a new icon for slack, social media, product hunt, etc. Or use the (free) Sketch file to build a set for your products or apps, or dig into the source code on GitHub to help us improve and expand Personas for everyone. p.s. Our company is building Draftbit - check us out on PH's Upcoming 🚀 and we're hiring too:
Stefan 'Steve' Koshy
Stefan 'Steve' Koshy@stekoshy · Web Applications Developer
What's the license when using these? Can I use them in a commercial app?
Dalton Hurd
Dalton HurdMakerHiring@dalton · Product Design at Draftbit
@stekoshy Hey Stefan, here's the license we're using: . It's pretty open-ended, so as long as you aren't taking it and reselling it as a product/service on its own you're fine.
Lana  Petrosyan
Lana Petrosyan@lana_petrosyan · pet lover
how cool
Krishna De
Krishna De@krishnade · Social business & live video strategist
Great tool - would love to see some more options for glasses etc - not all of us are tech experts and designers so this kind of tool is really helpful
Narmadhaa@s_narmadhaa · Copywriter and marketer, Zoho.
This is fun! Sure, you could add more styles to every aspect, but even the default ones are pretty nice. It's a great start, guys. Cheers and all the best!