Personalization API

Instantly pull company branding data to use in your projects

#3 Product of the WeekMay 07, 2019
Personalization API will instantly get you any company's branding data so you can use them in your apps in order to
💰 Increase your conversion rate.
⚡ Accelerate your onboarding process.
🎨 Create a tailor-made experience for your users.
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Super nice, what are some concrete use cases?
- Reduce friction by pre-filling everything in your onboarding process. - Personalize your email, website, design templates. - Enrich your cold-emails with logo, imagery, etc. - Logo Grabber
@aminkasimov great, I clearly see how it can be helpful in many scenarios
@aminkasimov Do you already have some existing integrations?
@prodibi_olivier Beside our beta users, we have several SaaS companies in our pipeline :)

Check it out


Saves me lots of time


It could be a bit more robust but I haven't found another tool which can do this.

Awesome API, works well !
Very interesting product, i can see a lot of use cases for us. Made some test with it and i can see how you actually fetch datas, the results are not 100% accurate. But i suppose this could evolve over time as you add more rules to your crawler ?
@nxalessandro I saw indeed you could save a lot of time for your users! The results are not always 100% accurate, but our database is growing really fast (especially with our Logo Grabber), our accuracy will increase over time :)
@aminkasimov We will keep your product for sure :)
@nxalessandro Awesome 🙌 (if you need any help let us know at