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Help others to get along with you better 📜

This tool lets you create your personal user guide to help others get along with you better. It uses your personality profile to generate your personal user guide and is highly effective because it lets others read your user guide through the lens of their personality. This will speed up trust and communication in your workplace and private life.

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👋 Hello hunters! I'm happy to share Personal User Guide with you. It lets you create your personal user guide to help others get along with you better. 💬 The story A microwave and a vacuum cleaner always come with a user manual. So do all products. But people don’t, until now... The objective of a personal user guide is to speed up trust and effective communication in your life. At your work, for job applications or during job interviews. And, why not, at home, with your partner, your friends or within your sports team. However, writing such a guide is not easy. That’s where we at CaPPr‘s come in. We decided to help you make a personality-based user guide. It’s quick, accurate and fun to do. 🚀 How it works We apply research findings of the big 5 personality traits in all kinds of key life areas. And we developed a visual questionnaire that lets you measure your personality in just a few minutes. Your personality profile serves as a basis for your personal user guide. Then you can invite your contacts to read your personal user guide. Therefor, they need to do the personality questionnaire themselves first. As soon as we know both profiles, your user guide will be shown to your contacts from their personality perspective. You can read the more in-depth story on my blog. Thanks and let me know what you think! 👍🏻
@gijsheerkens Congrats on your launch :)
@gijsheerkens Big fan of this idea — my friend @t has a guide for communicating with him that I wish more people considered offering! Speaking of, where's your PUG?
Thanks @chrismessina 🙂. The big difference with @t’s guide is that ours has dynamic content based on the reader’s personality. To be more relevant. Mine is by the way.
@gijsheerkens I clicked on your link to see what a profile looked like, but it turns out I had to take the survey, and then I still couldn't see it without creating an account. I don't really appreciate it, you're forcing people to subscribe before seeing what they can get out of your product. In that particular scenario, I would have preferred, either to be able to see the page without going through any additional process, or to be told from the beginning that signing up was required.
Very cool product - I found this very insightful and I really think it has potential. Nice work @gijsheerkens! ✨
Thanks @cedricamaya! Did you already invite contacts? That's when it really starts getting interesting 🤝
Pros: Unique approach. Has good potential Cons: Not able to save/download or share easily on social media.
Thanks for your feedback @rdas121. You can’t download your guide because the content is dynamic; every contact will read it from their personality perspective. But you cán actually share the URL or your guide, e.g. Thereafter, you’ll receive an email when someone requests access to read it. 😄
I can't seem to get it to work. The test loads, but I get a 500 error after logging in with LinkedIn. Any help?
Hi @techwraith, can you send me a chat message on the website? (for privacy reasons)
Hi @techwraith, we fixed some bugs now and added email login, too. Do you mind trying again?