Personal Sticker Maker for WhatsApp

Design your own WhatsApp stickers with photos, emojis, etc.

Personal sticker maker for WhatsApp where you can create your own stickers and add them to your WhatsApp. The sticker maker has an in-built image editor with cropping, adding texts, emojis, decorations & more features to help you create beautiful stickers.
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Hey there 👋 Stickers and Emojis are taking over texting apps these days 😺 I am happy to showcase my new app that intends to make our everyday communication on WhatsApp 📱 better through WhatsApp Stickers. With this app, you can not only create your own stickers to express yourself, but also browse through and existing collection of trending & cool stickers. Stickers will be updated on regular basis based on user requests. The Sticker Studio 🖊️ has below features - ✅Crop images ✅Add Emojis ✅Add Decorations ✅Add Colored texts ✅Zoom in/out ✅Rotate images Feel free to give it a try and leave a feedback. Currently, the app is only on android.
This is super cool and neatly designed. Congratulations!