Personal Shopping Assistant

Save time & money by auto remembering products as you browse

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Gaurav Jain
Program Manager, Microsoft
Hi Product Hunt! I'm part of the team at Microsoft which built Personal Shopping Assistant Chrome extension, and thrilled to be on PH. The personal shopping assistant automatically remembers products you browse, helps you compare products across sites, and notifies you of price change for products you favorite. You can also see recommendations for other places to buy where available. It’s your smart shopping cart across the web! We built this extension to simplify online shopping - The users no longer have to keep multiple tabs open through different browsing sessions, or do manual, repetitive price checks. The assistant works on most shopping sites across the globe and supports different currencies, although the user interface is in US English. Please take the assistant shopping with you and share your thoughts; Would love to hear feedback from the PH community! Happy Hunting :)
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gagan chopra
I am an engineer on the team building this. I love developing it as this is for everyone across the globe. Saves you time, and hard earned money.
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Does it works with all online shops?