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Identifying and fixing bugs is a group as well as an individual effort. Great to see Usersnap focusing on both points of view to create an end to end workflow that actually works for management as well as for individuals. 🎈🐢
@__tosh thanks so much for the feedback Thomas! Over the last years when building Usersnap we've seen so many different ways on how people collect feedback and fix bugs. Therefore we thought about ways on how to make their experience even more personal.
This product is simply great! It's really user friendly and complete.
@loige Thanks so much for the feedback Luciano! :)
Cool. Interesting ideas. What do you see as the key differentiators of this from Wunderlist, Trello, etc.? Who do you think of as competition? Btw- just added this to my "List Apps" collections :).
@jfilcik Thanks Joe! Compared to other project management tools & to do apps, the main difference is the visual component (= screenshot). We think that visual communication is crucial for every web project, since it makes it so much easier to communicate change requests, bugs or feature requests (especially if you're working with a lot of external / remote teams). Therefore we aim to make it as easy as possible to let our users collaborate on the basis of screenshots. Regarding competition: There are a couple of great & lean bug reporting tools out there (I can definitely recommend this ones: Though we like to think of Usersnap in a more broader sense of being a productivity tool for web developers & designers. Therefore tools like Slack or Trello can also be considered as “broader competition" - though it's really inspiring to see how those tools are changing the landscape of productivity tools.
I don´t know how I´ve been able to work without UserSnap before. Really awesome tool. And now with this upgrade I guess I´m gonna get addicted ;) Still trying to figure out how to use it to improve my workflow but I´m sure I´ll find many uses. Congrats to the whole team, really impressive job!
@egaroo thanks so much Fernando! There are many great ways on how Usersnap can be integrated into your workflow. If you want to use Usersnap for collecting feedback from your website visitors I can definitely recommend this post by Eric Elliott ( If you're thinking about integrating it into your internal workflows, I can definitely recommend this blog post: